Enabling Environments

“Significant improvements in practitioners’ confidence to use activities with children that impact CLL.”

The environment for learning and teaching is the method by which the curriculum and child are brought together and considers the following:

  • The organisation of the adults’ and children’s time
  • The organisation and management of the space
  • The organisation and management of resources
  • The expectations of the adults

Effective and enabling environments need to:

  • be versatile
  • be flexible
  • be adaptable
  • be able to be used by anyone
  • encourage long term projects
  • include other resources and materials

This type of environment will enable children to:

  • stretch the imagination
  • problem solve
  • make and learn from mistakes
  • take risks
  • be willing to innovate
  • to be experimental

For more detail about ‘Enabling Environments’ please find a copy of the presentation delivered by Professor Helen Bilton at our conference.

Also check out the the Effective Provision of Preschool Education to understand the importance of the environment for learning.