Partnership With Parents Results

“The main thing that I have taken away from this project is the benefit of engaging parents through workshops and film.”

Below are a collection of parent responses to the Parent Survey from all the nurseries that took part in the project.


The results highlight an improvement in confidence in 3 out of 4 of the areas highlighted, with the one drop in confidence being a fall from 9.5 to 9.4 on question 3. Interventions with parents therefore had positive effects upon their confidence in supporting their child’s education.

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For the Partnership With Parents Gap Task, each setting held a parent workshop, in which they invited parents into the setting and hosted a workshop of their choice. The setting below did a parent workshop around child language. At the start of the workshop, parents were asked to complete a survey in which they described their current level of confidence in supporting their children’s: vocabulary, mark making and story-telling. The workshop conducted concentrated on these three aspects through a mix of interactive tasks, talks and videos, and at the end of the workshop, each parent revisited their initial survey to re-evaluate their confidence level.

Here is a graphic representation of the three surveys combined with quotes from parents:

“I expected to see my son’s world, but the experience was much richer as I got to see the world from my son’s perspective”.
“I enjoyed the role play; the story telling aspect.  I found that very useful in terms of getting new ideas on how to enhance story time”.
 “It’s good to be reminded not to try and step in too much in a child’s development and to appreciate and enjoy their development at their own pace.  Great presentation; inspiring”.


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